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Why choose digital print?

Why – In document printing a significant advantage is the ability to print collated and complete document sets rather than having to to have a seperate collation stage as demonstrated in lithographic print. Litho is the better option when printing 1000s of catalogues, books and brochures at a relatively low cost but its cost is less attractive when only a hundred brochures or flyers are required. Digital printers on the otherhand do not require the creation of a plate. Instead they use software to amend and render digital images onto the press which bypasses the need for expensive plates altogether which again dramatically reduces cost.

Cost – Without the need to create a plate for every image or piece of content that is put through the press, businesses can produce small print runs of brochures, flyers and business cards etc at a fraction of the cost it would be by using a lithographic printer for the same job.

Speed – Each litho print run takes a fair time to set up however, digital presses can be set up a lot quicker and are able to offer next day or even same day delivery.

Environment – By eliminating the plates from the equasion, you also reduce the amount of other materials necessary for set up. This reduces waste so you no longer have ink chemicals and paper filling up your waste areas.

Because we only print what is required, using FSC and PEFC certified paper stocks, the carbon footprint is dramatically reduced and any waste that can be, is recycled.

Amendments – By choosing digital print, the option of making last minute changes is far easier than at a litho printers. If an amendment is required for a litho job, a brand new plate has to be made which again increases the cost.

High Quality – Digital print quality is dramatically improving and is almost at the point of being indistinguishable to lithographic print.